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There are many types of hijab... 
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The al-ameera hijab is a two-piece headcovering that is easy to wear and put on. It consists of a tube-like bonnet and an elasticated headscarf that fits over the top. The headscarf does not require any pinning and stays easily in place, so this style is particularly popular for sports and work wear.
The al-ameera hijab is widely available online and is particularly popular among women who wear loose-fitting 'Western' clothing rather than outer-garments like the jilbab. The al-ameera is also great for younger girls as it stays in place, can be fitted into a school uniforms and is available in a wide range of colours and styles for a more relaxed, girly style.
Also known/spelt as: al-amira, buknuk

'Khimar' is the correct and traditional word for a headscarf - 'Hijab' traditionally refers to modest dress as a whole, rather than just a headscarf, but is used to mean 'headscarf' in everyday language.
Nowadays the word khimar is used to refer to a semi-circular headscarf that is sewn part of the way up the straight edge. This gives you a one piece headscarf with an opening for the face that can be easily slipped over the head. This type of khimar can be anything from chest-length to ankle-length and is often worn with an underscarf and matching skirt.
Also known as: charchaff

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