Friday, January 27, 2012

The advantage of coming early to class

ASSALAMUALAIKUM AND HELLO EVERYONE =), I want to share about the advantages of coming early to class =)
before that i want to give credit to my lecturer coz.. "perli habis time ni" haha that's my fault hehe sorry miss

  One of the main advantages of coming early to class is you have the front seats

when you have front seats, you can have better view of lecture. Therefore, with a better view you will have better focus to the lecture =)
*yes, i came late that day.. but i still get the front seat yeah (^-^)v

 Apart from that, the other advantage of coming early to class is you will be able to revise lesson before the lecture starts. this will make you understand the topics better that are delivered during the lecture. Besides that, you will fully be prepared of the qiuz or test that might be carried out. hence, coming early to class gives you time to revise the lesson =) 

Other than that, you also will not miss any parts of the lesson =)
then the teacher or the lecturer will have good impression toward you.

that's all =) 

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