Friday, August 3, 2012

SONY Xperia

Hey, yeahh.. Yeah..

Hey, yeahh..X2 Yeah.. (Ohh..)

Sudah lama mencari
Tapi tak ku temui
Rasa yang selalu
Ada di hati
Ada di hati (Yeahh..)

Kini aku temui

Ni pulak aksesorinya... alahai... =D hebad betul ni... nak3

Want a tip? Put the power of GPS on your wrist – Google Maps for SmartWatch lets you navigate on the go by viewing your route on satellite!

There are now over 80 apps available for the Sony SmartWatch! Which apps help you stay connected with this Android watch? 

Keep the world at your fingertips with your Xperia and these new SmartWatch apps! What'll you do first – get GPS on the go, jot down notes, IM across social profiles or create mini slideshows? 

Wherever you go, find out how to keep connected and listen to the great music on your smartphone wirelessly! What's on your holiday soundtrack? 

Check the weather, handle your alarm, launch your calendar…SmartTags are like mini-personal-assistant-di
scs that can do almost anything, except fetch your coffee (at least, not yet). 'Like' it?

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